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True.com Review

Summary of True.com
True.com is one of the oldest and largest Internet based dating sites around. That’s because of their state of the art safety team which ensures members that others are not abusing the system by falsifying any information. They are known for helping men and women around the United States to date in a safer environment which has contributed for their popularity. However, subscribers must purchase a membership package before they can use any of True.com‘s one of a kind features. If you are looking forward to finding your mate in the comfort of your own home, feel free to try True.com and find the person of your dreams.

True.com Features
Members at True.com can experience some of the greatest features of any dating site safely and without drama. This is because True.com provides background checks for each member to ensure that they are not convicted of a felony, not a sex offender, and that the members you are viewing are not married to anyone else. Here are some of the other features that are included with your membership to True.com.

-Free Chat rooms to chat with potential dates before you meet.
-Compatibility Tests to find your most compatible partner.
Sexploration Tests to see who you are compatible with sexually.
-Wink at profiles that interest you.
-Advanced search options to find a date with your specific criteria.
-Email Guidelines so you do not mess up on the first message.
-Relationship Guides to locate your soul mate.
-Tips on how to start a conversation
True.com U Magazine
-And much more…..

True.com Search Options
Members can browse through True.com’s sensational search engine that finds your Mr. or Mrs. Right; using such criteria as new members of True.com, who is compatible with you sexually, relationship material, and more that isn’t included with the basic search functions like age, religion, and location. These advanced features will narrow your options down to the perfect potential relationship. Subscribers are guaranteed to find their perfect match to spend forever with!

True.com Free Membership
Unfortunately, True.com does not have a free standard membership. They offer a free trial which lasts for three days. In order to sign up for a free trial, members must enter their credit card information and cancel their account within the three day period. If you do not cancel, your credit card will be charged the $49.99 a month fee. Free trials give members a limited number of features and have to upgrade to a premium subscriber before using every feature at True.com.

True.com Subscription

Members do not have a membership option such as Gold or Silver, which makes feature accessibility available for every member.

Subscribers have a variety of features that makes finding true love a whole lot easier.

They also never have to worry about some stalker or hooking up with a married person, because True.com performs criminal background checks and relationship status verification checks for all members.

True.com Membership Fees
True.com is a bit on the pricey side; however, they include the fees for a Criminal background check. This is to ensure safety of their subscribers and anyone who is caught with a felony conviction, a sexual offender, or if they are married will be banned from participating on their site. True.com has the right to prosecute anyone who does not follow their requirements.

Here are the prices below:

1 Month Subscription includes background check -$49.99 per month.

3 Month Subscription includes background check-$79.99.

6 Months Subscription includes background check-$129.99.

True.com offers members a free three day trial of their services. However, you are limited on features that are offered to paid members. However, the paid features are top-notch especially the background checks that True.com does to help ensure your safety. Visit True.com


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