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Chemistry.com Review

Chemistry.com Summary
Chemistry.com is one of the largest online dating sites in the world, with over 12 million user accounts across three countries (US, Canada and the UK). Chemistry is a spin-off of its sister-site, Match.com, using much the same processes to scientifically determine a person’s most compatible matches. There’s a subtle difference in the online dating services technique, however, and that is the chemistry factor.

Chemistry.com uses incredibly detailed questionnaires to probe into a person’s true personality and characteristics. The sophisticated matching system then assigns potential matches in terms of their compatibility and likeliness of chemistry. Based on 3 decades of research by biological anthropologist Dr. Helen Fisher, an expert in the science of human attraction, Chemistry.com has achieved quite the rate of success.

With your lengthy questionnaire and profile out of the way, Chemistry.com immediately sends your answers through the system to find the most potential baring results. Users then receive 5 matches per day in their email. You may also search the database by age, location and keywords to find and communicate with your own potential matches.

While the extensive questionnaire can be tiresome, there’s a few good reasons for it. First of all, this is Chemistry.com finds your real potential matches, so its worth the time and effort to be completely honest and really delve into who you are as a person, and what you want out of a relationship. Secondly, no one who is simply looking for a one-nighter is going to go through this much trouble, so you know the majority of members are serious about their online dating endeavor. That also explains the rather hefty price tag for a 1-month membership, becoming much cheaper for long-term subscriptions.

Chemistry.com uses an innovative 1-2-3- Meet program in regards to communications. In order to communicate with a match, you must first choose to make them an “Active Match”. Those you are not interested in go to the Archives.

The first step in communicating is called Relationship Essentials, where you and your match fill out a priority list of what is most important to you in a relationship. These are sent to each other and reviewed. If at any time you lose interest, simply Archive the match and all communications will cease.

Next comes Short Answers, where you are able to ask two questions. Both must answer their questions before either will see the results. The third step is Email, where you are free to communicate as you wish.

The idea behind the 1-2-3-Meet process is that by the time you get to the email stage, you are already past the first-impressions and breaking-the-ice bit. You know you are compatible. You can move through the email phase as quickly or slowly as you choose before heading into the final phase – meeting in person.

Chemistry.com Features

-Free Trial Membership
-Anonymous email account
-5 Matches per day sent to your email
-Customized searches to find your own matches
-1.2.3 Meet process (structured communications)
-See all profiles who’ve shown high interest in you
-Archive matches you are not interested in
-Activate matches you want to pursue
-Nudge to remind a user you are expecting a response
-Instantly transfer profile/survey from Match.com (if you have an account)

Chemistry.com Search Options

-Seeking: male, female, gay, lesbian, bi-sexual
-Age range
-Radius from your location
-Relationship status
-Personality type (every member has one, based on their questionnaire)

Chemistry.com Free Membership
Chemistry.com gives new users a free 7-day trial. During this time, they can complete the questionnaire, create a profile, upload 1 photo, receive 5 matches, search the database, view profiles and photos, and respond to communications from paid members. They cannot initiate communications, or refresh their match list after choosing active/archived matches.

Chemistry.com Subscription
Chemistry.com does not have different levels of paid memberships. You are a paid member, or you are not. In our opinion, that’s a big plus in the online dating industry. The site does not give you higher priority cause you have a bigger wallet!

As a paid member of Chemistry.com , you will be able to do all of the same things as free members, except that you can refresh your match list and get up to 5 new matches emailed to you each day. You can upload additional photos, and initiate the 1-2-3 Meet process with matches.

Chemistry.com Membership Fees
the price of a 1-month membership is rather hefty, but you’ll see that a 3-month and 6-month membership is much more cost effective. Long-term memberships are paid in one lump sum. If at any time you wish to cancel your subscription, be sure to close the account or you will continue being automatically billed on your credit/debit card.

7-Day Trial – Free
1 Month – $49.95
3 Months: $99.95 ($33.32/month)
6 Months: $159.95 ($26.66/month)

Limited time Introductory Offer
First 3 Months for the price of one: $49.95

For online daters that are in search of a serious relationship, Chemistry.com is a great online dating destination. With over 12 million members and personality based matches your ability to meet that special someone increases dramatically. With the 7 day free trial, you have nothing to lose. Visit Chemistry.com


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