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Choosing an Online Dating Site

When first entering into the online dating scene, the first question one needs to answer is which online dating site is right for them. Choosing an online dating site isn’t just about recognition and price tags, but whether that online dating service offers whatever it is you’re looking for.

This article is intended to educate new online daters as to what to look for in an online dating service. We’ll provide you with the top 10 tips for choosing an online dating service, and why these points are so important.

1. Reputation

First and foremost, you want to join an online dating site with a proven track record for security, integrity and reliability. Ideally, the online dating service should be in existence for at least 3 years, with no reports of fraudulent or corrupt activities. The online dating service should provide their company name, address and telephone number directly on the web site as proof of legitimate business interactions.

2. Relationship Types

What is it you are seeking from your online dating experience? If you’re looking for a serious, long-term relationship, choose an online dating service that specializes in that. If it’s bi-sexual, gay/lesbian or a casual, one-time encounter to explore fantasies you seek, they having online dating services that specialize in these as well. Know what you’re looking for and choose the right online dating service to meet your expectations.

3. Free Basic Membership/Free Trial

Look for an online dating service that allows a free basic membership, or at least a free trial, so that you know exactly what you’re getting into before handing over any cash. Many online dating services will allow a free basic membership with no expiration. These allow members to do many of the things a paid membership allows, including enabling paid members to contact free members with the option to reply. Once you decide you’re on the right track, only then should you consider paying a subscription.

4. Profile / Photo Uploads

If using a free basic membership at an online dating service, you should have the option to provide a complete profile with more than one photo allowed. When a user uploads only one photo, statistics show a lower response rate from interested users. No picture at all reveals an incredibly low rate of response.

5. Security

Knowing that your personal and financial information is 100% secure is an invaluable asset when using an online dating service. The #1 tip above, “Reputation”, will generally ensure that security is not an issue. But it is important to also know what payment methods are accepted so that you can use a safe, secure method of your choosing, not just their’s. Glance over the terms to ensure your personal info will not be sold, rented or given away either.

6. Avoid 100% free Online Dating Services

An online dating service that is 100% free for all members, without even offering a paid subscription, may sound like an awesome plan. In reality, the site simply cannot offer the same quality services as other online dating sites. They rely on advertising alone to bring in cash, meaning they don’t need quality to make money, just a lot of visitors per day.

7. Active Members

The more active members an online dating site has, the higher your chance of success will be. You may find a smaller site with a lower price tag, but these have a much lower rate of success, due to the lack of traffic. Not to say a small online dating service is bad, but it will become a lot better over the years as the membership volume grows.

8. Advice Columns

Try to look for an online dating service that supplies an online dating magazine and advice for snagging the right person. These sites will help you build a better profile, seek out the right kind of people that you actually want to find, and build a solid relationship that fits your desires. In essence, they don’t just want your money, they actually want you to succeed.

9. International Online Dating Services

Generally speaking, an international online dating service will have the largest number of active members. We don’t mean overall, just because they reach so far and wide, but the most members per region as well, meaning a more diverse variety of personalities.

10. Customer Service

No business is complete without solid customer support services. Make sure the site has 24/7 support by email and preferably toll-free telephone in your region. Test out the customer support by calling them up and asking a few questions. If they can accurately respond to all of your questions in a timely manner, the online dating service’s customer support is probably very reliable.

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