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First Date Etiquette

Online dating is somewhat similar to real-life dating when it comes to that first, in-person meeting. However, because of the nature of online dating in general, there are certain first date etiquette guidelines that should be followed in order to have a better chance of success, being safe, and having a good time.

First Date Etiquette – Preparations

Before you ever meet this person for the first time, you want to make sure you are at your best. Be clean, hygienic and dress nice, but comfortable. Don’t overdo it – try to stick with the type of fashions you would wear on a regular outing basis. You don’t want to over-project your typical self, but you don’t want to show up in sweats either.

First Date Etiquette – Don’t jump in head first

Remember, this is only your first meeting. To not be too overly excited or you may scare the person off by appearing to be a clingy type. Don’t be too shy, either, or he/she may decide you are not interested.

First Date Etiquette – Be on your best behavior

Act casual and be polite. If you are male, bring flowers and open the doors for her. If you are female, say thank you when he does something kind. Bring a sense of humor, as this is a basic attractant for most people. Being dull, too quiet, too loud, or coming off rude is not going to get you a second date.

First Date Etiquette – If you like him/her

If you find yourself attracted to your date, have a good time and enjoy yourself, but do not become overly friendly. It’s always a bad idea to sleep with someone on the first date, especially for women, but for men as well. For women, it usually becomes an easy one-timer that goes nowhere, because they lose respect for you. For men, it relays that you probably do this often, therefore are not a responsible mate capable of carrying on a long-term relationship (i.e. you are probably the cheating type).

First Date Etiquette – If you dislike him/her

If you find yourself repelled, or simply not attracted, to your date, do not continue the evening any longer than necessary. Don’t be rude, but let them know that you are not feeling the chemistry. Assuming they are a nice person, tell them so and let them down easy. On the other hand, if they are plain rude or have terrible manners, still be polite, but let them know their attitude is not compatible with your personality. Maybe they will think twice about their next first date etiquette.

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